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For Ages 2 & 3. Discover the smallest 15.5 inches tennis racket in the world from Le Petit Tennis.  A FREE inflatable ball is offered as a...

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The World Smallest Tennis Racquet

You will amaze your friends with this new, addictive racquet set. Introducing the smallest (15.5 inches / 39cm) tennis racket in the world. A new size which targets ages 1, 2 and 3, which is only manufactured by Le Petit Tennis. The Baby Tennis racquet, comes in a set together with the slow and addictive My First Baby Inflatable Tennis Ball which as been specially selected to complement this racquet, for hours of tennis fun. (the ball has just been updated as of october 2012. It is now an inflatable ball which comes with a Pump)
This racquet is not a toy but a real racquet. It is the perfect set to provide a first tennis introduction to children of ages 15 months to 35 months.
Used in all the Le Petit Tennis Story based programs in over 20 countries. Developed by Jean Fleurian (Davis Cup player). (Pump is not needed).

Product Features

Le Petit Tennis Racquet (for Ages 1, 2, 3) + LPT My Baby Tennis Ball
Super Light Graphite-Aluminium Racquet + Rubber-PVC inflatable ball 8" (20cm)
The bundle Racquet + ball will allow your child to succeed immediately
The addictive My first Baby Ball comes in a size 8" (20cm) and with a pump
The "Smallest" and "Lightest" (4.7 oz) "real" racquet in the world


Remark on the Inflatable Ball: The Baby Ball which comes with the Baby Racquet 15" has been newly updated to some clients requests. It is an inflatable tennis ball in a special Rubber-PVC texture. The Baby ball should be not be over inflated. It should be rolled or thrown or hit from the air (slow path). At these ages (15 to 36 months) children will succeed in hitting-pushing the ball as well as throwing the ball with their racket. Children at these ages will require parents assistance. Toss the ball underhand and demonstrate the move that the child should do as the children will at these ages reproduce what they see.
Once passed that stage, when your child will be ready to try the hitting after a bounce, we then recommend you to acquire My First Tennis Ball 6" which is an inflatable ball with a rubberized texture for easy gripping used by many National Tennis Associations in the world. The LPT Foam tennis ball is the next stage ball and then progress to the Red transitional (stage 3) LPT ball.
Thank you for reading.
Le Petit Tennis staff

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